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Update as of 4-11-22

The war in Ukraine has already lasted six weeks. We can’t even comprehend the untold destruction and heartache that unfolded in this short time. Thousands have been killed, entire communities destroyed, and so many lives have been altered forever.
In the midst of this heartache, you have responded with both compassion and generosity to these pressing needs. I want to personally thank you for your heart for hurting people in Ukraine, and for your generous gift to our crisis response.
Our team has worked relentlessly for these past weeks to be the hands and feet of Jesus to Ukrainians in need. We are working with seven hubs in Ukraine where supplies are being distributed, people are served, and refugees are channeled to safer locations. In the surrounding countries of Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania our teams are laboring to transition refugees into semi-permanent locations, as well as purchase and transport food and medicine all the way back to the front lines.
Here are some of the specific outcomes of your investment:

  • So far we have transported 43 full buses of mostly mothers and children from Ukraine to Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Buses 44 and 45 are on the way.

  • With these buses and other vans, we have transported over 2,300 people across the border and to safety in surrounding countries.

  • 186 tons of food and medical supplies have been purchased and delivered to our hubs in Ukraine. From there, they are being transported in cars and vans to churches and needy people further east.

  • Three full semi-truck loads were delivered to central Ukraine this week. From there, the humanitarian aid will be transported on, through the hands of believers, to Lysychansk, Kharkiv, and Irpin. We are planning three more semi-trucks this week and five more next week.

  • The food we have bought and transported so far will provide 386,000 meals to suffering people on the front lines of the conflict.

  • 65,000 copies of the booklet “22 Days of Encouragement,” written by our staff, have been printed and are being distributed. This booklet is a collection of Psalms chosen specifically for this situation, with explanations and a presentation of the gospel at the end.

  • 10,000 copies of a special Gospel of John with an evangelistic study called “Look” in the back have been printed. We are in the process of printing a special version of the New Testament and Psalms that can be handed out by churches and believers.

  • Many extra items have been secured and shipped, such as generators for the hubs, insulin for diabetics, and bulletproof vests for the drivers going further East.

  • Our team is working to mobilize and equip hundreds of churches both in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, by connecting needs with resources and gathering and sharing best practices.


Each one of these activities is touching precious people with real names and deep needs.