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the Landing: Hope filled program for teens

Wednesday Nights from 4:30-5:40 pm 

Are you a teen, or have a teen that is struggling with life's

Hurts, Habits and Hang-Ups? 

Come to the Landing...

What is the Landing?

Students struggle on a daily basis with things like depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, bullying, peer pressure, family conflict, self-worth and so on.

The Landing is a safe and confidential place where they can feel welcomed and supported just as they are.


The Landing is not only meant to walk with teens through hurts, hang-ups and habits, it is also a resource that can be applied to preventing future struggles.


The Landing follows the same format as Celebrate Recovery does; it is based on 12 Steps and 8 healing principles from the Beatitudes.


For more info about CR, the Landing & the 12 steps... click here


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