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History and Vision


Serving the Lord since 1889!


Rev. E. J. Nugent, Presbyterian missionary for the Black Hills, visited Hill City, June 8, 1889 and wrote out a petition for organization.  He promised to return in a few weeks.  He requested that the matter be looked up and all desirous of uniting with the Presbyterian Church sign their names.  He returned on July 12 and called a meeting.  Several applicants confessed their faith in Christ, and were added to the membership.  The Society named the group the First Presbyterian Church of Hill City.  A church home was recommended.

The church was built in 1889 of lumber sawed at The Harney Peak Mining Co.  It was a community project and many were volunteer laborers.  The church was completed in 1890.  The church had belonged to the Union Congregational Church of Hill City in 1915 and in 1959 a vote was taken as to the advisability of remaining in the merged Congregational and Evangelical Reformed Church.  It was decided by the church to go ahead with the withdrawal and the church incorporated under the name The Little White Church in the Heart of the Hills.  In 1961, the church became affiliated with a fellowship known as the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

In 1987 the church constitution and bylaws were revised.  The board recommended the name of the church officially be changed from Little White Church in the Heart of the Hills, to The Little White Church.  The congregation unanimously approved.  Open membership was one of the changes resulting from the revision of the constitution as was a move to elder rule.



The Little White Church Vision
Love God.  Walk Together. Change Lives.


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