Native Missions


Camps for Pine Ridge Students

The LWC provides Summer Camps for students from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  During the camps, students are able to participate in different activities (ie: bike rides on Mickelson, rock climbing, swimming), teepees are set up for sleeping, there are nightly bonfires and the love of Jesus is shown to them.

Here is an update for our 2021 camps:

Last year Covid 19 caused cancellation of all plans for mission work on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation but we are hopeful to resume this summer.  Ron Walker has already been in contact with Melissa, the principal of Loneman School in Oglala about doing camp for kids.  She hopes to be able to get enough kids interested for two camps in June and two camps in July.

There will be a need of a lot of volunteers to be able to provide a good camp experience for these kids, from cooking meals, being with them on outings, drivers, staying with them at nights in the tents, and just being with them to show the love of Jesus that we have for them.

There will be a need for people to help setup and tear down the teepees and getting the camp sites setup, mowing grass setting up cook tents and a host of other tasks.

For more information or to volunteer contact Jeff Liddell, Doug Hamm or Ron Walker.


Canada Mission Trips

The LWC also takes yearly mission trips to Molanosa Saskatchewan Canada.  We have helped the local people with many different projects throughout the years.  Here is an update for the 2021 Mission Trip:

The next mission trip to Molanosa Saskatchewan is scheduled to leave here on Friday, May 21st returning home on Saturday, May 29th.  This trip is contingent on the Canadian Border being opened to international travel.  I suspect that proof of a Covid 19 vaccination will be required for entry into Canada and return to the U.S. 

Some of the projects that we are going to work on are; finishing the tin roof on a cabin we built two years ago, finishing soffits on a garage used for serving meals and holding services, cutting firewood, and hooking up the new well. 

Molanosa is within a 1/4 mile of Montreal Lake so there will be ample opportunity for fishing.  In the past we have had really good fishing, catching a lot of large Northerns.

We will keep an eye on the pandemic and border crossing situations so we can confirm that this trip will happen or not, but at this point we will go on the assumption that we will go.

For more information contact Doug Hamm.


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